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Superintendent's Message

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Fountain Lake is looking forward to this possible millage as a way to update the district’s infrastructure that would in turn increase student success. We believe that keeping all of our youngest children K-3 under one roof enhances safety and security and protects them from the weather. The only time they will need to go outside will be for them to enjoy their recess. Having baseball, softball and tennis in a sports complex will save Fountain Lake money on busing to other locations to participate. Everyone who uses the complex will also enjoy having one parking lot to serve all activities. Expanding the campus separates our youngest students from the oldest students creating a safer learning environment for everyone. This proposal creates a learning environment that all children deserve.


Fountain Lake would like to deliver a quality education in buildings that are energy efficient, that provide improved air quality, that are affordable to maintain, and that meet minimum state required classroom square footage. Quality additional educational space at the high school would allow for program expansion to meet the current and future career workforce development needs of our students. The demands of the job market have changed, and it is our responsibility to keep up with that. A new facility would serve our students and our community in a way that we have not been able to in the past. This would bring the community together and increase student achievement. Please take a look below at the ins and outs of this proposal. We look forward to your vote on February 8, 2022.


-Dr. Michael Murphy, Superintendent of Fountain Lake School District

Board of Education

  • Lloyd Little

  • Dana Greeson

  • Cory George

  • Cindy Herring

  • Bryan Lambert

Photoed Left to Right

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"Supporting Every Student Every Day For Success"

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The vision of the Fountain Lake School District is to partner with their community to inspire, motivate, and prepare every student to be a confident, productive, knowledgeable, goal-oriented citizen.  The focus is to build quality relationships with all students to provide a level of support to assist students in achieving their goals academically, socially, and emotionally, as well as to prepare them for employment.

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